libra horoscope for 5 january 2020

Week of October 10th, When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through.

You and someone special may enjoy the most unexpected romantic adventure. If single, you may suddenly meet a new love interest. Air and Fire signs benefit most from this electrifying combination! On Wednesday, Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus will be at a friendly angle, and brilliant ideas will fly everywhere. If you have a stroke of pure genius, be sure to write it down or flesh out your idea before it passes you by.

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It'll be difficult to move anything on this day. Mounting frustration or significant resistance might leave you tempted to abandon your goals altogether. Don't give in.

Tarot Card for the Week of 1-12-14

Push through. Your life is under the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp.

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This is also known as the Cusp of Prophecy. You receive a considerable amount of direction from this cusp. As with all Cuspers in this group, your life is marked with a determination and resourcefulness that is not common. You know what you need to do with your life. In fact, you are quite good at making long-term plans in your life. You are quite patient with others. You understand that people need to be mentored.

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You are quick to forgive when others wrong you. However, you are often not in harmony with your own emotions. You sometimes suffer a rollercoaster of emotions. This can be detrimental to your progress if not arrested in time. According to your astrological cusp, you can do very well in areas of responsibility. For example, you can deliver very good results as a manager or other top-level executive. The Cusp of Prophecy has bestowed upon you a charisma with which you can elevate the fate of humanity. This will not be hard for you, considering that you are charming in a natural way.

Did you know that people find you to be romantic and dependable? Such is your nature! Interestingly, you are drawn to people with similar qualities. You have a liking for people who are energetic, trustworthy and dependable. When you meet such people, you are likely to commit for life. You can form a very stable relationship with a fellow Capricorn. Both of you have almost the same attributes. As such, you would be able to support each other in the union. You can be playful and flirtatious.

In addition, you treasure your freedom in a relationship. However, you are a reliable spouse and parent.

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If you get a creative partner, you will make significant investments in your family. You are most compatible with either a Virgo or a Taurus.

Daily Tarot Reading for 13 January 2019 - Gregory Scott Tarot

Things will work out very well if your partner was born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 24th, and 27th. According to the charts, you would want to give a Sagittarius a wide berth. You are least compatible with people born under this sign. You an all those you share a birthday with are a humble people. Also, you have an innate ability to provide leadership whenever you are called upon. You value your freedom, and this is borne by the fact that you love visiting new places.

You best moments are when your abilities are recognized, and you are appreciated for a job well done. You have unlimited supplies of energy. This means that you always push to achieve your goals. Whether it is being the best in a sporting event, or building a formidable business, you always get it done. All you need is enough time. We can attribute your success mainly to your good organizational skills and your relentless attitude.

Reveal Your Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card

Your high level of discipline enhances your focus. People like you because you do not leave them out of your success equation.

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  7. You are helpful, and you assist the weak to get justice when they are aggrieved. In spite of all your strengths, you need to be on the lookout for certain weaknesses. Your unbridled desire to achieve can be the recipe for misery.

    Your Daily Tarot Card for January 12 is The Moon – Witches Of The Craft®

    You need to learn to let go when something is not working out. Learn to seize every opportunity that comes our way. Sometimes you miss good opportunities because you harbor a fear of taking risks. Take calculated risks for better gains.

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    Being in the first month of the year, January ushers a lot of expectation of a new start. This is partly why the January 12 zodiac people are known for being meticulous. You are very thorough in developing long-term plans and seeing them through.